Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?

By Natan Schleider M.D.

JAMA. Published online May 1, 2019. doi:10.1001/jama.2019.2927

‘Back in 1917, the same year that she cofounded the American Dietetic Association (now the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics), Lenna Frances Cooper authored an article in Good Health magazine that noted “in many ways the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it is the meal that gets the day started.” Good Health was published by the Battle Creek Sanitarium, a Michigan health resort run by Cooper’s mentor, John Harvey Kellogg, MD, the coinventor of corn flakes (his brother started the cereal business that would become the Kellogg Company).’

Recent studies indicate that eating breakfast may NOT improve weight loss and nutrition, speaking to how the public’s medical knowledge that ‘everybody knows’ has no scientific support. Other fallacies that our parents told us include sitting too close to the TV will cause eye damage, for example–it will not.

One Meal A Day (commonly called OMAD) has been a recent diet trend where a person consumes all calories within an 8 hour window or fewer.

Bottom line for the patient with a normal metabolic system is that total calories consumed per 24 hours will best reflect weight loss outcomes, regardless when calories are eaten. That said, plenty of serious body builders and models eat no carbs after 12 noon .

If breakfast is integral to your nutrition, diet and lifestyle, great, don’t change a thing. I personally am not big on breakfast eating usually some egg whites sauteed with some onion and tomato and chipotle tabasco sauce (about 200-300 calories). If you have been forcing down breakfast and not particularly hungry, recent data shows this may kickstart metabolism and hunger later in the day leading to weight gain.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Natan Schleider

Weight Loss & Lifestyle Tips to A Lean Healthy Physique: Dr. Natan Schleider Shares His Nutritional Low Calorie Food Secrets (Shhh Don’t Tell)–Part II

December 24th, 2018

By Natan Schleider, MD


So I wanted to follow-up with the nitty gritty foods I eat that have been working for me to maintain reasonable weight loss (current weight 203, I peaked at 222 earlier this month).

Disclaimer: These are not official physician or nutritionist recommend foods as some are high in sodium for example BUT they taste great (to me) and are low calorie…

Dr. Schleider Go-To Meals and Snacks for weight loss including calories per serving:

  1. Canned artichoke hearts–I love salty foods and while these tend to have high sodium, at only 20 calories per serving or 60 calories per can these are a great snack when you have a strong craving for something like chips.
  2. Mushroom Bisque Soup with little to no cream–This is actually easy to prepare and there are lots of great recipes on line. Given mushrooms have virtually no calories nor nutritional value while tasting great, you can substitute White Kidney Beans (Cannellini Beans) for cream which gives the bisque a nice creamy texture when blended. These beans are nutritional with zero fat, 19 grams carbs, and 7 grams protein per 1/2 cup serving which only has 100 calories.
  3. Salsa–I love salsa and put this on everything from egg whites in the morning to chicken breast in the evening. At 10 calories per two tablespoons I get a lot of flavor for otherwise tiresome foods.
  4. Unsweetend Almond Milk–At only 30 calories per serving vs 70 for skim milk, I use this in my morning tea or coffee.
  5. Bone and Vegetable broth–If you are a quasi-serious cook, you know that a good broth serves as key base to great soups (I’m big on soups if you can’t tell, especially in winter). One cup of chicken bone broth has 35 calories, 9 grams protein, no carbs, no fat. Vegetable broth at 20 calories per cup has no fat, no protein, and 4 grams of carbs.
  6. Boneless Pork chops–At roughly 300 calories per 8 ounce serving, these have virtually same calorie and protein as chicken breast which just gets dry and tiresome for me week after week.
  7. Sumo tangerines–I get these on freshdirect and at 40 calories they are delicious and better yet, peel so easily (unlike most oranges where I spend about an hour removing peel).
  8. Cucumbers–I get the foot long ones and when starving or cooking I can easily polish a whole one which for about 100 calories is quite filling.

So the above foods have been working for me this month. My next challenge is to balance exercise with diet in that days when I work-out, I am way hungrier (like 5 times as hungry) then days I don’t and I HATE feeling hungry. I turn into a grouchy, ‘hangry,’ sleepless man so when I figure this out, I’ll let you know.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Natan Schleider

Weight Loss & Lifestyle Tips to A Lean Healthy Physique: Dr. Natan Schleider Shares His Medical Secrets (Shhh Don’t Tell)

ARE YOU TOO FAT. Vintage weight loss advertisement circa 1900

By Natan Schleider, M.D.

December 12th, 2018

Gone are the days where I could simply skip desert and stay rather lean and toned. Having just turned 43, I literally feel my metabolism slowing and all I need to do is look at carbs and they go straight to my gut by osmosis. 

I weighed about 175 pounds (standing 5’9″) into my late 30s but after a recent physical I weighed in at 220 pounds and have shrunk to 5’8″. At this rate I’d be a walking doughnut with a head so I left my doctors office determined to get lean using every bit of advice I could find in the world of medicine, science, and technology.

Its been two weeks and I am down to 205 pounds. I could say I feel great but I’d be lying. My internal barometer seems to want me obese which I qualify for using a Body Mass Index Calculator. I’m tired as I don’t sleep well when I’m hungry. I’m cranky but fortunately I get a lot of telemarketing calls which allow me to toy with people trying to sign me up for ‘limited time offers’ on credit cards, business loans, and Nigerian Gold Mines.

I presume my mood and body will get used to my goal weight which is 180 to 190 pounds if I can get there. 

So here is what has been working to get the weight off…

  1. I go to the gym at least 5 days a week and workout with a trainer. This is my life one big luxury but I am so lazy if I didn’t pay the trainer I would barely work out. The trainer doesn’t let me skimp on those last few squats that leave me dizzy and gets a good laugh when I fall on my face doing box jumps. Bottom line: if you can afford a trainer or have a motivated work out partner that really helps. That said, weight loss is about 80 percent diet so if you cannot afford a trainer and hate the gym most of success lies in meticulous eating.
  2. I started using a My Fitness Pal app which is a real pain because it takes about 5 minutes to enter calories for every meal depending on the number of ingredients. The simpler the meal the faster I can enter and count calories. I’m aiming for 1500 calories daily, a few hundred more if the workout has been strenuous. Some of the things I snacked on like a slice of American Cheese or Prosuciutto have way more calories than I thought so the app has been educational. Even cucumbers have calories and if you are going to lose weight, you need to be rather meticulous in your calculations
  3. I’ve stopped eating out or ordering take out as I cannot count these calories–plus I like to cook so not a biggie for me.
  4. I have prepared healthy meals ready to be cooked or simply heated. I have a great healthy tomato bisque recipe–if anyone is interested let me know.
  5. I have my ‘skinny jeans’ front and center in my closet and try to put them on every few days. They obviously don’t fit (yet) and this negative reinforcement pisses me off, re-motivating me to stick to the diet exercise plan.
  6. Studies show drinking diet beverages can actually cause weight gain and other issues but when I have a sweet craving, I’ll go for a Diet Cherry Coke which is better than Cherry Garcia.
  7. I bough a food scale for about 10 dollars and while I think anyone weighing their tomato wedges is nuts, it is the only way for me to know exactly how many calories I am eating (because the common advice ‘just portion control’ means instead of eating an entire pizza pie, I eat half for dinner and half for dessert).

Some of the above I am sure you’ve read while other may seem somewhere between fanatical and disciplined but if I am serious about weight loss, this is a discipline which takes time and I just hope I can stick with it to the point it becomes routine.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Natan Schleider, M.D.